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Art Anderson


Art Anderson represents landowners, developers and builders in major land use issues with local governmental entities. He also litigates matters before both federal and state courts.

His litigation experience includes trial and appellate victories on vested rights, annexation, impact fee, subdivision approval, eminent domain and other land use matters.  He has experience with land valuation methodology and techniques through his eminent domain and inverse condemnation experience. In addition to arguing before the Texas Supreme Court and various courts of appeals, Art is often asked to prepare and file amicus briefs in these courts. He also processes development applications and presents cases before administrative and legislative bodies.

His trial court and appellate cases include the following:

  • Preventing an impact fee increase in violation of the Texas Impact Fee Act
  • Enforcing a development agreement despite the city’s claim of immunity
  • Preventing a city from extending its building code to its ETJ
  • Obtaining a vested rights determination for a residential subdivision
  • Securing an $8 million jury verdict for an involuntary downzoning
  • Arguing major regulatory takings case before the Texas Supreme Court
  • Obtaining condemnation awards significantly greater than the government’s original offer
  • Obtaining approval to construct church building following city’s initial denial
  • Obtaining temporary regulatory takings damages due to delay in city building permit approval

The author of two published books on Texas land use law, Art Anderson has spoken at over 70 seminars and written eight law review or bar journal articles.



  • Levy v. City of Plano, 22 S.W.3d 397 (Tex. 2000)
    Supreme Court reversed court of appeals and held that the trial court had standing to hear client’s vested rights claim.
  • Sheffield v. City of Glenn Heights, 140 S.W.3d 660 (Tex. 2004)
    Supreme Court reversed court of appeals on inverse condemnation claim but upheld Sheffield’s vested rights claim.
  • City of Lakewood Village v. Bizios, 493 S.W. 3d (Tex. 2016)
    Supreme Court affirmed court of appeals opinion striking down general law town’s extension of building code to the extraterritorial jurisdiction.


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