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Aviation is the crux of the global economy. Maximizing efficiencies in the transportation of passengers, products, and information, in the face of a rapidly-changing geopolitical and regulatory environment, is critical for companies in the airline sector. The Winstead Airlines Team is uniquely equipped to assist airlines around the world with navigating this changing market landscape because of our unparalleled experience in airlines transactions and our deep knowledge of airline market-based terms.

The Winstead Airlines Team is dedicated to advising and representing airlines across the globe and is uniquely equipped to counsel our clients as they navigate the rapidly-changing landscape of the airline industry.

Comprised of a team of approximately 20 attorneys spending more than 90 percent of their time advising and representing airlines worldwide, we support the transactional needs of virtually every component of the modern airline including:

  • Aircraft Programs (Purchasing, Financing, Tech Ops, Sales)
  • Procurement
  • Operations / Maintenance 
  • Information Technology
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Real Estate 
  • Human Resources

In addition to advising our airline clients in these areas, we also understand the interconnectivity of multiple departments in airline transactions. Our vast knowledge base and practice group size provide our clients with faster time to market on their transactions, enabling them to recognize relative revenue or cost savings sooner.

This type of representation cannot happen without our commitment to the airline industry.  Our team regularly speaks and attends conferences around the world to provide our clients with counseling on the latest trends and issues. We also regularly work with airlines-related trade and bar associations to help influence the industry.

Airlines regularly engage us for our unprecedented approach to an airline practice that brings industry-leading counseling on airline market-based terms. Also, as a full-service law firm, Winstead can quickly and efficiently assemble a team with subject matter experience tailored specifically to the transaction at hand.

We invest in the industry, not just by participating in the conversation, but by helping our clients shape the market for their transactions. Our clients often refer to us as a seamless extension to in-house legal departments—handling projects from small agreements to company-wide initiatives— allowing in-house legal departments to focus on the ever-evolving big picture of airlines.  This may sound like a different kind of airline legal practice—we hear that all the time. The reason is that we are different, which is why our clients rely on us every day.

Winstead Airlines Team Representative Experience

We have experience in virtually all types of airline transactions. Below is a list of our most common practice areas, as well as a non-exhaustive list of our experience in each area.

Airlines Team Practice Areas:

Fleet Transactions

  • OEM Aircraft Fleet Purchase and Agreements
  • Vintage Aircraft Purchase and Sale Agreements 
  • Spare Engine Purchase and Lease Agreements
  • Engine Swaps
  • Simulators
  • Spare Parts and Tooling Sales Agreements
  • Aircraft Delivery Program Agreements
  • Aircraft Lease-ins

Flight Operations, Services and Safety

  • eFOQA Application Service Provider Agreement
  • IOSA and LOSA Safety Audit Services Agreement
  • Reciprocal Travel and Jumpseat Agreements
  • Crew Hotel Accommodations Agreements
  • Training Hotel Accommodations and Transportation Agreements

Aircraft Finance

  • Aircraft Lease Financing Transactions 
  • Aircraft Mortgage Financings
  • ECA Financings
  • Manufacturer Backstop Financings
  • Residual Value & Asset Value Guarantees 
  • Restructurings 
  • Specialty Financings, including financings collateralized by spare parts, spare engines, slots, gates, and route authorities 

Information Technology

  • SaaS Agreements
  • IaaS/PaaS Agreements
  • Software Purchase Agreements
  • Software License Agreements
  • Consulting Services Agreements
  • Custom Development Agreements
  • Hardware Purchase Agreements
  • Hardware Lease and Maintenance Agreements
  • Telecommunications Purchase and Service Agreements

Human Resources

  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Agreements
  • Wellness Program Services Agreements
  • Care Coordinator Services Agreements
  • Third-party Administrator Agreements
  • Recruiting, Hiring and Employee Development Consulting Services Agreement
  • Data Analytics Agreements
  • Consulting Agreements

Data Privacy/Security

  • GDPR Compliance Matters
  • Data Breach Response Agreements
  • Cybersecurity Assessment Agreements
  • Transactional Privacy Matters


  • Technical Operations
    • Avionics Hardware and Software Purchase and License Agreements
    • Simulator Purchase and Lease Agreements
    • Ground Service Equipment Purchase and Lease Agreements
    • Airframe and Engine Maintenance Agreements
    • Landing Gear, Wheels & Brakes, and APU Maintenance Agreements
    • Rotable and Consumable Parts Purchase Agreements
    • Spare Parts Management Services Agreements
    • License Agreements for Aircraft Maintenance Software
    • Aircraft Predictive Maintenance Agreements
    • Navigational Data Software License Agreements
    • Electronic Flight Bag Software and Services Agreements
    • Flight Planning and Route Optimization Software License Agreements
  • Aircraft Interiors and In-Flight Entertainment / Connectivity
    • Interior Equipment Purchase Agreements
    • In-Seat Power Purchase Agreements
    • IFE Purchase, Maintenance and Service Agreements
    • Interior Component Integration Agreements
    • Interior Sparing Agreements
    • IFC Purchase, Maintenance and Service Agreements
    • IFE Content Purchase Agreements
  • In-Flight Service
    • Catering Services Agreements
    • Food and Beverage Purchase Agreements
    • On-Board Products Purchase Agreements
  • Airport Operations
    • On-Call Aircraft Maintenance Agreements
    • Ground Handling Services Agreements
    • Passenger Security Equipment Purchase Agreements
    • Catering Security Services Agreement
    • Tug Procurement and Services Agreements
    • Triturator License and Services agreements
    • Passenger Transportation and Baggage Delivery Services Agreements
    • Distressed Passenger Hotel Accommodations Agreements
    • Facilities Maintenance and Cleaning Agreements
  • Corporate Operations
    • Facilities Management, Maintenance and Services Agreements
    • Security Services Agreements
    • Cafeteria Services Agreements
    • Facilities Design and Construction Agreements

Real Estate

  • Airport Use and Lease Agreements
  • Operating Agreements 
  • Construction and Design Agreements
  • Airport Financings
  • Public/Private Partnerships

Loyalty Programs

  • Reward Accrual Partner Participation Agreements
  • Reward Accrual Preferred Partnership Agreements
  • Lodging Inventory Redemption Partnership Agreements
  • Car Rental Redemption Partnership Agreements
  • Third-Party Redemption Platform Hosting Services Agreement

Online Products / Service Sales

  • Custom Booking Portal Agreements
  • Co-marketing Agreements for Related Travel Products
  • Trip Financing Agreements
  • Trip Insurance Agreements

Marketing / Sales / Customer Service

  • Email Marketing Agreements
  • Data License Agreements
  • Travel Agency Agreements
  • Call Center Services Agreements
  • Revenue Generation Strategy Consulting Agreements
  • Passenger Service System (PSS) Agreements
  • Global Distribution System (GDS) Service Agreement (including NDC-related services)
  • Group Booking Terms and Structure


  • Counsel to Fuel Purchase/Resale Subsidiaries
  • Fuel Purchase Agreements
  • Fuel Pipeline Agreements
  • Into-Plane Fueling Agreements
  • Terminal Services Agreements


  • Call Center Services Agreements
  • Cargo Ground-Handling Services Agreements
  • Road Feeder Agreements

Governmental Affairs & Regulatory

  • Security Equipment Gifting Agreements
  • Lobbying Agreements
  • Consulting Services Agreements

Regional Network

  • Capacity Purchase Agreements


  • Lodging Inventory Agreements
  • Car Rental Inventory Agreements
  • Cruise Inventory Agreements
  • Third-Party Platform Hosting Services Agreements
  • Call Center Services Agreements

Premium Services

  • Premium Lounge Access Agreements (third party, bilateral and system-wide)
  • Premium Lounge Design and Construction Agreements

Special Projects

  • Lead firm for assumption and rejection of airline agreements worldwide
  • Transition of maintenance base between regional carriers
  • Wind-down of airport services subsidiaries
  • Name change of regional airline