Alternate & Renewable Energy
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Today’s energy environment is evolving rapidly and will continue to accelerate in the years to come. Investors, energy providers, and all levels of government are looking at ways to harness alternate and renewable energy sources from wind to solar.

The race is on, and Texas is one of the hottest alternative and renewable energy markets. With ample natural solar and wind capacity, a growing population, and its proximity to other major metropolitan areas, Texas is at the center of that race.

At Winstead, we know Texas and understand the complexities of the alternate and renewable energy market. Our team of attorneys has handled hundreds of projects with billions of dollars at stake, helping to bring them online on time and within budget.

Our experience runs deep; from sourcing investment capital to the acquisition of land to permitting, regulatory approval, resolving issues with mineral estate holders, title, easements, optimal tax structuring, infrastructure, government incentives, and construction. Our team of lawyers know the alternate and renewable market and have the expertise and understanding to provide you with the creative counsel and practical advice to help you leverage the opportunities, and avoid the pitfalls, that others can miss.

Our attorneys have worked on projects including the development and acquisition of solar and wind farms, financing of alternative energy projects, permitting and ERCOT-based issues, construction contracts, solar and wind energy transmission agreements, alternative energy tax credits, and numerous other ventures in the alternate and renewable energy sector.

These often-complex transactions require the knowledge, insight and unique capabilities that we bring to the table. As with all engagements, our attorneys start by listening to your needs and developing a strategy based on the specifics of the assignment. Then, we get to work.

Our lawyers are ready to help you leverage these alternate and renewable energy opportunities.