Talmage Boston article on the decline of civil jury trials published on Texas LawBook


Last week, an article by Mark Curriden, “Civil Jury Trials Plummet in Texas,” appeared in The Dallas Morning News, highlighting the fact that the number of civil jury trials in Texas during 2011 were one-third of what they were in 1996. The article featured opinions of noted lawyers and judges on this trend over the last fifteen years. The commentators appeared to reflect a consensus in the legal community that the reduction in civil jury trials is overall a very negative development for the citizens of Texas.

Shareholder Talmage Boston disagreed and wrote an article that counters this outlook. Talmage’s article, “Decline In Civil Jury Trials: The Cheese Has Moved And That’s Okay,” appears on Mr. Curriden’s website Texas LawBook and lists several reasons why there is a decline of civil jury trials and why that’s not a bad thing. To read Talmage’s article, please click on the following attachment.