Winstead Hosts 15 Judges and Lawyers From Afghanistan


As part of the State Department’s International Visitors Leadership Program, Shareholder Jay Madrid, working with the Texas Center for Legal Ethics and Global North Texas, hosted a luncheon in Winstead’s Dallas office.   Attendees included 15 judges and lawyers visiting the United States from Afghanistan under a program led by the State Department focused on improving national security. 

The director of the Texas Center for Legal Ethics was the moderator of a panel discussion that included three judges: Magistrate Judges Miguel Torres (Western District ) and Irma Ramirez (Northern District) along with Judge Jim Jordan, Dallas State Court, and two trial lawyers, Jay and Beverly Godbey (Gardere).

The panel covered law and ethics topics in the United States and Texas.  Jay said he could tell the attendees were interested and engaged with the session as they kept two interpreters busy with questions and comments during the panel discussion. 

Jay served on the board of the Texas Center for Legal Ethics for seven years and Winstead’s director of administration in Austin, Ann Jacobson, now serves on the board. 

The luncheon was well attended and it was a great opportunity for Winstead to host lawyers and judges from another country.  Click here to learn more about the Texas Center for Legal Ethics.

Jay is a member of Winstead’s board of directors and he works in Winstead’s Business Litigation Practice Group.