Winstead Client Uplift Education Celebrates College Signing Day


WFAA News covered Winstead Client Uplift Education in a feature on their College Signing Day.  Uplift operates several charter schools in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  This year 100% of the senior classes from all of their high schools have been accepted to college.  In a concept similar to NFL signing day, Uplift graduating seniors walk across the stage and announce the college they have enrolled with for the fall as part of the College Signing Day celebration. 

Uplift's mission is to create and sustain public schools of excellence that empower students to reach their highest potential in college and the global marketplace and that inspire in students a life-long love of learning, achievement, and service in order to positively change their world.

Each school provides free college preparatory education in a community that has limited high quality public education options. Uplift’s goal is to completely CLOSE the achievement gap between students, regardless of their ethnic or socio-economic background, while ensuring that 100% of the students graduate and enroll in college.  Lorin Combs and Elizabeth Franko represent Uplift in real estate matters, Dan Martinez represents Uplift in bond financing and Brian Vanderwoude represents them in litigation

Click here to see the WFAA news clip.