Updating Lenders' Form Loan Documents


FOCUS: Updating Lenders' Form Loan Documents

Watch Real Estate Finance Shareholder Sayer Nixon’s in-depth recommendations on updating form loan documents in light of the current COVID-19 business environment as it relates to real estate collateral and secured financing. This discussion highlights some best practices for minimizing risks to Lenders and preserving maximum long term optionality, whether the loan is a balance sheet product or intended for sale on the secondary market. Click below to watch the video and download Sayer’s corresponding outline (PDF).

Target Audience: Commercial Loan Officers, Originators, Closing and Legal Departments, Servicers and In-House General Counsel at Banks, Financial Institutions, Specialty Finance, Debt Funds, REITs, CMBS, CLO, Balance Sheet and other Secured Lenders


Watch the Video  |  Download PDF Outline