Professional Staff

At Winstead, we build our firm by actively recruiting accomplished staff professionals who contribute specific skills and experience to help advance Winstead's and our clients’ goals.  Our long-term goal is to hire, train, develop and retain the highest quality talent in the business disciplines required to compete and succeed in our industry and markets.  These disciplines include office administration, paralegal services, accounting, records, library,  IT and marketing/business development.

We seek professionals with initiative, maturity, a proven work ethic, creativity and an eagerness to work in a fast-paced, interesting environment.  Your career satisfaction is important to Winstead’s long-term stability and profitability.  To ensure your satisfaction, we offer numerous opportunities to lead, advance and succeed both at Winstead and in our communities.

Certain members of our staff work as an integral part of a team with attorneys and clients.  As a result, they have line-of-sight to the goals of our organization and our clients, and can see where they add value to the bottom line.  Other employees will serve clients in a support role, by ensuring that our systems and infrastructure are functioning at the highest level, and that our programs are consistent with firm goals and objectives.

We welcome your interest in becoming part of the Winstead team.  Visit the tabs above to explore where our needs and your experience intersect.

Support Staff Job Openings