Winstead’s Denis Braham Chairing the Regional Aerospace Development Task Force


Shareholder Denis Braham is a board member and local business leader behind a space commerce conference coming to Houston in November 2015.  SpaceCom was announced in November 2014 as the premiere conference being developed in collaboration with the NASA Johnson Space Center.  The annual industry event will focus on the economic development of space and the application of space technologies across key industry sectors of the global economy.

A task force is being organized that will work to best further leverage SpaceCom for economic development and other opportunities.  Braham, who served as the former chair of the NASA Task Force at the Greater Houston Partnership, will be chairing this task force.  The mission of the group is to develop strategies and identify opportunities to leverage Houston’s annual hosting of the Space Commerce Conference and Expo (SpaceCom) for the further development of space commerce in the Houston Region and the State of Texas.

The Task Force will use the platform of SpaceCom to support and further develop this industry sector and grow commercialization efforts.  Click here to learn more about SpaceCom.