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Navigating the world is your business.  Keeping you moving in the right direction is ours. 

Transportation is the crux of a global economy—continually maximizing efficiencies in the transportation of passengers, products and information in the face of a rapidly-changing geopolitical and regulatory environment and corresponding fluctuations in market conditions is critical for companies in the transportation sector to remain competitive.  Transportation companies that fail to consistently deliver products and services faster, better and less expensively fall behind.  As counsel for the world’s largest airline, we understand the necessity of seizing opportunities to increase efficiency and value while mitigating risk at every turn.  Winstead’s international and regional airline clients repeatedly look to our Airlines Team to handle all of their commercial transactions, including operations, fleet transactions, customer experience, and human resources. 

The technical proficiency and industry knowledge of our Airlines Team are unparalleled.  Comprised of leading practitioners in the practice areas underlying the airline industry, Winstead’s Airlines Team delivers a customized client service approach with an appreciation for the principles that make airlines successful, whether an emerging regional airline or an established international carrier. In addition, we utilize our strong network of foreign counsel to expand the reach of our Airlines Team while maximizing cost efficiencies in providing seamless, interdisciplinary legal and business services to our clients. 


Our capabilities extend to commercial transactions that impact every facet of the day-to-day operations of airlines, including: supply chain management with a focus on maintaining stability, leveraging efficiencies and ensuring regulatory compliance and social responsibility; “nose to tail” and “total care” aircraft maintenance, conversions, reconfigurations and spare part pooling and consignment arrangements; and developing a technological infrastructure capable of responding and adapting to continual advancements in technology.   Our granular understanding of the airline industry means we are uniquely adept at analyzing the nature and risks present in a proposed arrangement and crafting agreements specifically tailored to address such risks.  Further, we expend negotiating capital in a manner that is productive while expeditiously achieving our clients’ operational needs. 

Fleet Transactions

Our Airlines Team has the capabilities and experience to run almost any aspect of an aircraft acquisition or disposition, including used aircraft acquisition and disposition for global and regional airlines.  Leveraging their extensive experience in M&A transactions and business acumen regarding factors that make airline fleet transactions unique, our attorneys are able to structure and negotiate complex purchases and sales efficiently and with maximum value to our clients.  In addition, we regularly work with experienced legal counsel on issues that often arise in fleet transactions, such as banking, regulatory and tax issues, to avoid creating bottlenecks in the deal progress.  We lead fleet transactions from start to finish and work seamlessly with our clients’ business teams each step of the way, including strategizing and selecting candidates during the RFP process for marketing the assets through post-closing transfer of the assets.

Customer Experience

Consistent with our commitment to providing holistic support to our clients, our insight in the airline industry extends to our clients’ customer-facing presence, including transactions involving the technological infrastructure required to maintain a secure online presence to conduct e-commerce and implement cutting-edge strategic marketing campaigns and social media branding initiatives.  Our Airlines Team understands that being an airlines industry leader depends largely in part on the ease of access provided to our clients’ customers in acquiring direct and ancillary products and services, including hotels, vacation packages, rental cars and other related travel services.  We assist our clients in maximizing the use of data to achieve an advantage over competitors while mitigating data security risk and maintaining compliance with data regulatory requirements.

Human Resources

We support our clients in efforts to continually maximize efficiencies in internal business processes by negotiating outsourcing agreements and other service agreements for all types of human resources functions, including recruitment, executive and leadership development, personnel training and benefits administration.  Whether for general consulting services or administrative services tailored to a particular self-funded benefits plan, many of these transactions are driven by specific business objectives that are unique to airlines.  Accordingly, we work closely with our clients’ business personnel to understand not only their objectives and operational risks in each transaction, but also the inner workings of their business units involved and how each could be affected in connection with the contemplated arrangement.  From the initial strategy of outsourcing internal business processes to navigating selection of qualified providers to drafting and negotiating agreements and finally, administering agreements to ensure consistent provider performance, we ensure a seamless transition to outsourcing for our clients so that they may focus on driving their companies forward.